The Mastermind package includes weekly Zoom calls that will be facilitated by Neil or an approved member of the leadership team. You will be placed in a group with 9 other members who will stay the same throughout the years to come.

You will form close bonds with other group members as you share where you are in your lives currently and identify where you want to be. We will use different methods and techniques that will help keep you moving forward.

There will be a new audiobook read every month. Credits will be sent to your PayPal account to cover the cost of these books.

Each month we will be joined by an Expert Speaker. These speakers will vary based on their fields of expertise.

Annual 2 Day retreat to further connect with other Advanced Alpha group members.

You will have constant email contact with our leadership team who are always available to answer any queries you have and help push you through any moments you are experiencing difficulty in.

There will also be a WhatsApp group for you to stay in contact with other members.

Mastermind package offers


Weekly zoom call

Like-minded peer group

Goal tracking

Q&A sessions


Monthly book

Expert interview

Bi-annual meet up

Accountability buddy


Compounded interaction

Safe environment

Measured progress

Visualized tracking

Different perspectives

Sharing frustrations

Tailored solutions

Increased knowledge


Learn best practices

Experience new cultures

Shared contribution


Guided growth

Raise your standards

Make dreams a reality

Discover your purpose

Real breakthroughs

Exponential growth

Accelerated outcomes

Take life to a new level

Meaningful relations

Advanced Alpha

Connecting, growing and adding massive value.