Effective core values

We stand for 4 simple yet effective core values


01. Advancement

Continuously growing and moving forward.


02. Connection

This is all about being aware of what you have and connecting with others.


03. Lighting

Adding value and being an example for others around you.


04. Preparing

Which is all about getting things in order and getting stuff done.


But what we also stand for is, being a community of like-minded, higher achievers who are kicking ass in every area of their lives. This includes Health, Environment, Business, Finance, Education, Play, Relationships, and Contribution.

We are also looking to contribute to each other as we are all from different fields and always looking to give referrals to other people to help each other in our businesses and career.

We are always looking to grow in these 8 areas of our lives.  We want to add more people to our community to connect with and share moments with.

We are also looking to build a structured environment where we are meeting on a weekly basis where everything is provided for you so all you have to do is, join the weekly calls and watch the magic happen.

Through the connection with other group members, we contribute to each others growth, hold each other accountable and take part in the development of others.

Advanced Alpha

Connecting, growing and adding massive value.